Social media platforms have become a huge part of our everyday life, and as they grow, they have started to play a significant role in both our personal and professional lives.

There were 57.10 million social media users in the United Kingdom in January 2023.

Research by Meltwater has looked into what social media platforms are the most popular and why we use them.

According to their findings the main reason we use social media is to keep in touch with friends and family. With the growth of social platforms, it’s great to see that they have managed to keep their initial purpose – to allow us to connect with those around us.

Interestingly 22% of us use social media in the UK to find inspiration for things to do and buy. Video based platforms like TikTok have flourished over the past few years but interestingly in this piece of research, TikTok wasn’t in the top 5 most-used social media platforms. However, the time spent on the platform is staggering. The report states that UK users on average spend more than 27 hours per month on the platform – we all know too well that once you start scrolling it’s hard to stop!

What do we think here at Escapade?

Here at Escapade, we love the power of social media! It is a crucial part of our work here, but we all enjoy the role it plays in our personal lives.

After asking the team which social media platform is their favourite, here are their thoughts.


“My favourite platform has to be TikTok, the variety of content that you come across and the crazy trends. For me I think TikTok truly captures what social media is all about – entertainment!!”


“I think my favourite platform is Instagram- I think it has a good blend of content types to interact with- photos, stories, reels etc. It is quite good to get to know people/celebrities more and has a community feel. It has also been effective for small businesses, quite a few of my friends have started theirs on Instagram!”


“My favourite is Instagram, but I am also a fan of Facebook. I just find I come across more ads that are suited to me on Instagram.”


“My favourite social media platform is Instagram, mainly as I enjoy the mix of media types the platform offers. It also has the right balance of staying connected with friends and family, and also seeking out personal hobby content such as food and fitness!”


“The one I browse the most is LinkedIn. Posts often trigger ideas or knowledge gaps that I can then read up and learn more about.”


“My favourite is TikTok because it’s such a creative platform and it’s so fun to use. To me, TikTok is the new YouTube- as in if I was to buy something I would go to TikTok to check the product review before going on YouTube. Also, I can find people with the same interest as me that produce relatable content.”


“I like Instagram because I can see photos and videos, a blend of TikTok and Facebook!”

Social media platforms have been growing rapidly and are constantly adding new features. Why not check out our previous blog where we take a look at how Meta announced a subscription service for Instagram and Facebook verification.