Instagram Stories – The Must Knows!

Back in the office since getting back from my holiday and apart from really missing the sun, one thing that I do miss is how effectively businesses in Dubai use Instagram Stories.

Every beach club, bottomless brunch, nightclub, bar, restaurant, you name it – displays and promotes all of its daily offers, drink deals, ‘instagramable’ views, videos of past events, information on upcoming events, DJs announcements and special occasions all on their Instagram Stories.

So if you’re struggling with your holiday planning; forget looking up the company’s website, just give the brand a follow and check out their posts.

If you’re currently thinking ‘what’s an Instagram Story?’ then keep reading!

Here are five ‘lesser known’ top tips to help you improve your stories…

  • More colour options:

In order to access the unlimited colour pallet for adding text or doodles, first upload an image, then click on the pen icon (top right middle), next hold onto a colour at the bottom and then all of the colours in the world will appear (well nearly!).

Another tip: if you are after a certain colour to match a particular shade in your image – click the dropper icon at the bottom of the screen, then click on the part of the image that has the colour that you’re after.

  • Shadowed text:

Super easy this one! First upload a picture and click on the text icon (Aa) then write your message. Repeat this step again but now choose another colour. Place one word on top of another to create a cool shadowed text affect.

  • Full colour backgrounds:

So same again, upload an image and click on the pen icon (top right middle). Then select a colour from the bottom and then hold down on the image for three seconds and the background will be flooded with colour.

  • The Eraser

For this one you need to first follow the instructions above to create a full colour background. Then select the eraser icon (4th option at the top) and write your message with the pen.

Another tip: you could use this type of story to attract attention to a new post on your page.

  • Highlights

These are especially handy if your business has the same offer each week or has an event which is on-going. Upload an Instagram story then click on your Instagram page. You will see a + icon in a circle with a new below it, click here and select the Stories that you would like to display as a constant highlight on your Instagram page. Edit the cover image and add a title so that consumers know exactly what they are looking for!

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