Berkshire based consumer PR agency, Escapade, today launches its sister brand Elevation Marketing, specifically to support SME’s operating in the food and drink industry.

Recognising that a traditional agency approach is often not viable for most new businesses, Elevation has been developed as a hybrid mentoring and practical learning programme for brands in those infancy to accelerator stages of growth.

Rhianon Williams, Director at Elevation Marketing, said:

“Being an entrepreneur in the food and drink industry has become increasingly competitive, and more challenging than ever to make a real impact with retailers.

“From working with some of our Escapade clients, we know the difference marketing can make to a brand in its early stages of growth. Sadly, most start-up brands however do not have the luxury of either in-house marketing knowledge, or enough funding to be able to invest much beyond production and logistical costs. And being able to demonstrate a solid marketing plan really can be the make or break point when you are stood in front of buyers!

“With this in mind, we conducted a small piece of market research into how small food and drink brands managed their PR and marketing. We found that three quarters of those surveyed felt they could have benefitted from a programme designed specifically to help start-ups understand their marketing requirements, and the best ways to implement these in a cost effective manner.

“Having in-house knowledge was the stand out factor that seemed to split those companies who invested in marketing from day one, versus those who felt they could not justify it until they were making a profit. The success of these brands questioned shows in itself which was the smarter approach, and made us realise that there was a gap in the market for a different kind of marketing proposition.

“We have a passion for working with start-up brands, and love being part of that initial acceleration and growth journey that all successful SME’s go through. Elevation Marketing offers a bespoke programme, unique to each company’s individual needs, with the intention to train and empower small businesses, rather than completely take those duties away.”

If you are interested in enrolling onto the Elevation Marketing programme for SME’s in the food and drink industry, please email for more information.