Mother’s Day has always been a day of celebration, appreciation and remembrance.  However, Mother’s Day has become a great opportunity for brands. With development of resources and marketing techniques, brands can utilise what this day represents and align this with the delivery of their campaigns.

I have chosen some of my favourite Mother’s Day TV adverts I have seen over the past few years.

Samsung – Texts From Mom

In 2018, Samsung created a simple ad which focused on the typical texts you would receive from your mum. From the simplicity of the daily updates to the failed attempts at social media slang.

This ad perfectly captured some of our relationships with our mums in a lighthearted and humorous way. They kept the tagline simple, “This Sunday, give her a call” and kept the brand at the forefront for the entirety of the advert.

Pandora – For Every Story

Jewellery undeniably has a sentimental meaning. Big jewellery brands like Pandora always execute their ads perfectly underpinning everything with elegance and a deeper message.

Pandora’s 2022 campaign was a heartwarming ad capturing every unique moment of motherhood- the good and the bad!

Tesco – #Everymum

In 2020, Tesco’s advert celebrating Mother’s Day had a very personal touch. Using real people to share real perspectives to truly represent what Mother’s Day is all about. This advert reached a wide audience and touched the reality that everyone’s family is different.

It will be great to see what brands have in store this Mother’s Day!

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