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Let’s Talk Vegan!

January 2022 is here! We are ready to tackle what might be for some a busy but exciting month. For those of you who set new goals and challenges it may be a month you want to remember (or maybe not!). We are nation who loves new challenges and January always presents an opportunity to…
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Veganuary: Just for 31 days or a lifelong change?

I’m sure by now,  you have heard of Veganuary! If not, where have you been? Launched in 2014, Veganuary is a registered charity that has supported and inspired MILLIONS of people from around the world to try a vegan diet in January. Making a lifestyle change can be really challenging, especially when you are talking…
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2019: The Year of the Veggies

Plant-based food is now more popular than ever with meat free alternatives popping up in retailers around the country. You only have to pop down to your local supermarket to now find specifically designated aisles for vegetarian and vegan options – something you’d be hard pressed to find if we rewind 10 years. Kickstarting 2019,…
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