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A recent survey of 2,000 Brits, commissioned by Pimm’s, revealed that discussing the weather was the UK’s most popular conversation topic, with 54 per cent stating that it was one of their most regularly talked about subjects, more than family (38 per cent) or food (31 per cent). It is perhaps no surprise that the…
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Getting on Board with Insta-nt Shopping!

I may have written about shopping here before, it’s almost like I have a shopping problem.  I’m not alone though, as rarely a day goes by in our office without a visit from Darrell the DPD man, the friendliest of Yodel delivery ladies, and of course Mr Hermes.  And I’m going to make a prediction……
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By Bike, Robot and Drone: Home Delivery in 2017

I’m the first to admit it… I’m an online shopaholic.  Browsing for new things I don’t need has become my favourite pastime, whether scrolling an app on the train, stalking out new brands on Instagram or ordering dinner because I just can’t face a trip to the supermarket. Remember the days of your order being…
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