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Is the Future of Food Blue?

Don’t adjust your screen, this isn’t one of those ‘what colour can you see’ tests that are set to drive you crazy… this really is all about the latest trend towards blue food. Yes, blue. Earlier this year, Innocent launched a blue drink, Bolt from the Blue, and took on the world of social media…
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Tying the Knot? Don’t Forget Pizza!

Times are ever changing, and with younger couples ditching tradition in favour of uniqueness, an unsuspecting modern trend has prompted big pizza businesses to look to market their products at weddings across the UK. And as wedding season is in full swing, two hopeful brands are looking to make use of the latest wedding trend…
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It’s Time to Mix up the Weekly Shop

It’s that time of year when we’re all feeling very January, and thoughts turn to summer.  So what better time to catch up on the latest food trend predictions for the year ahead? Maybe you’ve already cracked and given up on the resolutions, so it’s time to find out what we’re all going to be…
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