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Brands Braving Brexit in their Marketing Campaigns

Are you bored of Brexit already? Very rarely do we encounter such a long standing, hotly-debated topic that divides opinion so passionately. For brands, many would consider this a no-go area, tip toeing around what might upset or cause any kind of unwanted backlash. For some however, the opportunity to use the controversy surrounding Brexit…
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The Great Brexit Stockpile

Have you started to stockpile food in anticipation of the Apocalypse, aka Brexit? We might be used to panic buying, and stashing away bread, milk and eggs when there’s mention of snow in the weather forecast, but now there’s a new kid on the block…  The possibility of a no deal Brexit has sent us…
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Who do we want to be…?

In case you haven’t heard by this time tomorrow we will know if we are to remain part of the European Union or if we will leave. You would be hard pressed to escape the propaganda that has been printed relentlessly in the last month. As a History student I know that it’s these very…
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