Month: April 2022

10 Cute Desk Accessories to Make Your Workspace More Enjoyable

Wherever your office is located, a cute desk accessory is a MUST to keep you inspired and motivated throughout the day and make any workspace feel like your own. Whether you are back at the office or working from home, these cute desk décor will help elevate your day and make you want to log…
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Hop into Easter!

Our favourite time of year is here, a day full of chocolate, treats and easter egg hunts. For me, the best part of Easter is the chance to get creative. Whether you are into arts, crafts or baking there are many activities that you can get involved in. Although seeing how many chocolate eggs you…
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Hot or Not: The Biggest Fitness Trends of 2022

Year on year more of us join the gym, often with good intentions to make a change but if we are being honest, it loses its appeal after a few weeks. Fitness means something different to everyone so whether you’re a fitness fan or eager to learn about new food trends let’s have a look…
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