Month: August 2021

More Than Just A Furry Friend!

After a very long day we can’t wait to get home to our furry friends! Whether they are cats, dogs, rabbits or hamsters their company seems to be the best part of our day. The question of “why?”  isn’t hard to answer but the presence of our loyal companions is far more valuable to our…
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Diet and Nutrition … Will It Ever Get Simpler?

The word diet literally means “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats” but in our society nowadays, diet is usually associated with the way in which people are trying to lose weight. With 63% of all UK adults now being classed as overweight or obese – that’s 35 million people…
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We live in a world infatuated with fitness, from weight-loss supplements to waist trainers, there is no limit to just how far we will go to achieve that perfect body. According to Insider, in 2020 the majority of fitness influencers reach their viewers through Instagram. Despite the expansion of other media channels such as Tik…
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