Month: July 2019

2019: The Year of the Veggies

Plant-based food is now more popular than ever with meat free alternatives popping up in retailers around the country. You only have to pop down to your local supermarket to now find specifically designated aisles for vegetarian and vegan options – something you’d be hard pressed to find if we rewind 10 years. Kickstarting 2019,…
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Emojis for All!

What’s your favourite emoji? With so many choose from, it’s only right that we have a national date to celebrate… and this week saw the fourth World Emoji Day – the date was chosen as 17 July as it’s the date shown on the emoji calendar. From their introduction in 1999, today emoji is described…
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Social Media – a Help or Hindrance for Body Positivity?

2019 is a year in which messages of body positivity and self-love are becoming increasingly prevalent. The theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week was ‘Body Image.’ Nike is just one of many big brands who are on board with the increasing message about all bodies being beautiful. For a long time clothing brands…
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