Month: April 2019


According to The Independent, M&S sold out of its mojito cans recently following the huge interest on social media surrounding Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott’s twitter apology for drinking one on the London Underground. Many social media users expressed solidarity with Diane and posted images of themselves drinking the very same can on the Underground,…
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The Free Instagram Marketing Tools Worth Your Time!

If you are looking to use Instagram as a marketing tool, it is not an easy task to make it a success! Simply starting a page is the easy part; you then have to create beautiful content, grow your account, engage with followers, answer DMs, find influencers, the list is endless! Luckily, there are some…
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Hands up, when was the last time you did a big shop? Did you stock up on plenty of frozen food as well as fresh and ambient staples? According to a recent article, frozen food is set to be the ‘coolest trend’ of 2019. And while it might not be the most glamorous of kitchen…
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