Month: February 2019

2019 Mother’s Day Trends

Spring is around the corner, temperatures are slowly starting to increase and we are finally getting a little more sunlight in the evenings. This means it’s time to start thinking about one of our favourite occasions, Mother’s Day, or traditionally, Mothering Sunday. This internationally celebrated day lends itself to a substantial increase in sales, with…
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Fashion Checks Its Speed

This week saw the publication of, the Environmental Audit Committee’s report on Sustainability in the Fashion Industry Enquiry. It revealed that that today, people buy and discard clothes faster than ever, getting rid of more than 1m tonnes of clothes a year, with £140m worth going to landfill every year. On average, Britons buy 26.7kg…
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Falling out of love with traditional Valentine’s Day rituals? You’re not alone! So why is February 14th still considered one of the key trading periods for retailers? And the stats don’t lie. Even though the level of market growth around the nation’s favourite day of love is slowing down, the Valentine’s Day market in the UK…
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