Month: August 2018


This month we’re getting to know lifestyle blogger Vix Meldrew! Known for her capsule wardrobes, chatty captions and general life updates! When did you first set up your social channels, and what got you started? I set them up to coincide with the launch of my blog back in 2014. I knew that’s ‘what bloggers…
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Radio: Accessible and Diverse

While it might not suit everyone, at Escapade, we like a noisy, vibrant working environment. So much so that bizarrely we all seem to lose concentration if the office is silent. Invariably this means that we have constant music and chat playing out in the background, cue the regular heated debates on what station to…
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Is Zombie Scrolling Affecting Your Wellbeing?

This week, Facebook will introducing its digital wellbeing screen-time management dashboards for both Facebook and Instagram, initially in the U.S. before rolling it out to all users in the coming weeks. Through various studies, Facebook concluded recently that it was “passive zombie-feed scrolling, not active communication with friends, that hurts our health”, and has since…
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