Month: March 2017

Are User Reviews now King in Business?

Online reviews are increasingly playing a key role in helping us decide where to eat, what to eat, to watch, to buy, to sell… The list is endless! They are becoming an integral part of who we are, not only as a consumer, but also for the business owner. Research shows that 68% of millennials…
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Instagram and the Live to Eat Generation

Instagram is the home of unrealistic body and life goals, a place where the beautiful people go to flaunt their wares. Most people could admit they get a little bit envious of some aspect of others’ social media lives and that we even try and portray our own daily adventures to being a bit more…
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I Don’t Believe It

This week, marks the fact, that I have been working in consumer PR, and to be more specific for Escapade, part of CCgroup, for thirty years!! This becomes slightly alarming as it transpires that this is more years than many of the team here have been alive! Over a celebratory glass of fizz and slice…
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