Month: June 2016

Who do we want to be…?

In case you haven’t heard by this time tomorrow we will know if we are to remain part of the European Union or if we will leave. You would be hard pressed to escape the propaganda that has been printed relentlessly in the last month. As a History student I know that it’s these very…
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Social Media PR Fails!

In the week where everyone was talking the beautiful game, it is no surprise that brands jumped or at least attempted to jump on the hot topic of the Euros 2016! On social media being topical is the aim of the game, jump on the right hashtags, create engagement and you can reap the rewards!…
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For Free or a Fee… How are you Working with Influencers?

This week the Escapade team went along to FutureComms16 to hear more about ‘Storytelling, Social Media & Digital PR Challenges’ facing the industry. Hosted at BAFTA, the scene was set for a day of information sharing with like-minded comms pros, and of course snapping selfies with the various iconic BAFTA masks around the building. We’ve…
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