Case Study – 3M Post-It


Who we wanted to connect with

Brand research showed that people often write important things on sticky notes because they want to make sure they happen. Post-it® Super Sticky Notes are the perfect partner to help you set your plans and goals in stone, commit to them, get on with them, and get them done Escapade was tasked with creating a PR story to leverage this existing narrative, evoking positive emotional engagement from females, age 25-55, with busy working and home lives!

How we did it

In researching the notion (and increasing use) of positive affirmations, particularly on social media, philanthropist Katie Piper was a reoccurring name quoted in news articles who associates herself with the use of affirmations as part of her ongoing recovery from the horrific attack she suffered in 2008.

Using Katie Piper as our brand spokesperson, we conducted a survey into people’s perception of what they believe would make them happy in life. Our research discovered that the secret to happiness in modern Britain involved earning £80,840 a year, living in a £443,000 house with two kids and working 27 hours 20 minutes a week – giving us a headline to launch with.

Katie Piper provided a counteracting voice to say that “we’re all responsible for our own happiness and the happiness in your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. I’m a big believer in positive thinking.” The survey news was pitched to national and women’s consumer media, with a limited number of press and bespoke radio interviews also conducted with Katie on the topic. Ten influential bloggers were also recruited to promote the campaign ethos by sharing their own experience with using positive affirmations, alongside a live Twitter Q&A and series of competitions.

What we achieved

169 pieces of broadcast, national, women’s lifestyle and blogger coverage, more than 63,000,000 opportunities to see and across all 3M social channels, the Twitter chat received 6.6 million impressions, and an 84% increase in profile views.

A major highlight included a four page spread in Cosmopolitan Body with the editorial headline “How Post-It Notes Can Change Your Life”.

In 2014, Post-it® Brand used lifestyle coach Jessica Chivers to conduct a survey. Coverage results with Katie Piper vs Jessica show a 132% increase in 2015 campaign results, and a 84% uplift in total number of pieces of coverage.    Back to Case Studies

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