This month we’re getting to know one of agency favourites, Poppy Dinsey! From where it all started, to how life has changed so very much for this lovely, and incredibly funny lady!

When did you first set up your social channels, and what got you started?

I started my first blog on Open Diary in 1999, so a long time ago! I joined Twitter at the beginning of 2008 and Instagram in 2011 (I resisted Instagram thinking it wouldn’t “take off”, hah!). I’ve generally joined any new social media platform I come across even if only to tinker about. I’m fascinated by any development in that space and always have been really, but often find I don’t like most platforms. I really liked Vine (RIP) but never really got on with Snapchat – more because it was such a pain to build a following from scratch which is why Insta Stories have just completely quashed it really. Generally I’ve joined platforms to have fun and follow funny people, the fact I was able to promote my own work and get paid to share things was a bonus. I’m not doing much work at the moment and not “promoting content” as I’m barely blogging/vlogging whilst off with my babies, but I still read Twitter every day. I enjoy following people and being a “user” of the platforms rather than just an “influencer”. It’s painfully obvious when people only use platforms as a one way conversation to promote their work. And boring.

How has the digital landscape changed for you and how you share content since then?

I’ve always been using platforms to share content – I’ve always blogged in some capacity so always used my channels to link to my work – but I think what’s changed now is that SO many people are doing that. It’s a lot less natural and so much less conversation (I hate automated tweets to promote content with a passion) but luckily followers are becoming cynical and savvy and I think the tide is turning. People want the conversation back and the human connections again.

What advice would you give a brand or PR representative looking to potentially work with you on creating content?

The one thing that drives me crazy is when brands want to work with me *because* of my style of content, then brief me in a way that means I can’t do it in my usual style. I don’t think I’ve ever had a brief that doesn’t mention “we want it to seem natural” yet the restrictions are often such that creating anything even half natural is almost impossible. It’s a tricky balance as of course the brand and agency has boxes to tick (any “professional” influencer will totally understand and appreciate this) but I always think it’s best if the brand and influencer work TOGETHER to come up with a campaign that will work for the desired audience. I also find it hard when I get given a very loose brief and then get asked to make lots of changes, there’d be so much less back and forth if the brief was more thought through in the beginning.

What kind of projects do you enjoy doing most?

Anything different really or anything where I get to promote something I’ve loved as a customer for a long time. I did a campaign with TK Maxx (somewhere I shop ALL THE TIME) where I got to pitch ideas and it could be anything “unexpected” to tie in with the idea that you go into store looking for one thing then often also buy something else completely random…and I decided to fly up to Inverness to look for the Loch Ness Monster! It was so fun and so silly. Content like that is fun to create and therefore will always resonate with followers. It’s not just a flatlay with a random sponsored item shoved in. I often scroll through Instagram and play “guess the ad” before reading the captions and it’s often obvious because the content is so out of character. I get it (and have been guilty of it myself plenty of times!) but the more fun and natural stuff is better.

What advice would you give someone looking to build their social channels?

Do it because you love doing it not because you want free stuff/to make money. Or just have a baby. I’ve always really struggled to grow my Instagram but I think I gained something like 4000 followers by having my twins. That is a joke and not family planning advice.

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